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Seamless Steel Pipe

The seamless steel pipe is made of steel ingots or solid tube blanks which are pierced to be made into tubular billets, and then undergo cold roll, hot roll, drawing, and extruding procedures. The end product surface is seamless. As compared with steel bars with the same bending resistance and the same torsional strength, the seamless steel tube offers lighter weight.

We can offer products manufactured in accordance with API 5L, ASTM A106, API 5CT, API 5B, and ISO 11960 standards to suit clients' varied demands. The product has found applications in fluid transportation fields. Also, it is commonly used to make the oil drill pipe, automobile transmission shaft, bicycle framework, and steel scaffolds.

According to the manufacturing techniques, our seamless steel pipe is classified into hot rolled and cold rolled seamless tubes. Products with diameter over 57mm are usually made using hot rolling technique, and that with diameter less than 57mm are mostly cold rolled. In addition, we can supply hot dip galvanized seamless tubing, oilfield casing steel tube, and other types of products for customers to choose from.

The product is bundled using steel strips firstly, and then packed by nylon bags completely. Additionally, plastic caps and lifting slings are available at the two ends.

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