The oil tubing is mainly used in petroleum industry. It is inserted into the casing pipe to reach into the oil layer, so as to transfer the underground petroleum to the ground with the help of an oil pumping unit. We can offer products with diameter between 48.26mm and 114.3 mm, as well as wall thickness between 3.18mm and 16mm, so as to match with casing steel pipes with varied specifications.

With sulphur content and phosphorus content less than 0.045%, the petroleum pipe can effectively prevent cracking caused by the hydrogen sulfide substances in steel materials. Hence, it has high mechanical performance, and conforms to API5CT, API5B, and ISO11960 standards.

All types of oil tubing, including new, used, or repaired ones, should have effective protections for the screw threads. They should be placed on a bracket, or on the surface of wooden or metal sheets without any sand material or other dirt. Any dirt on the screw threads should be cleaned timely.

Technical Specifications
Size Range: 1.9 inch~ 4 1/2 inch (48.26~114.3 mm)
Wall Thickness: 3.18~16 mm
Standard: API 5CT, API 5B, ISO 11960
Steel Grade: J55, N80-1, N80, C90, T95, P110
End Finish: Plain end, Smooth end without burring, External upset, thread and coupled, integrate connector
Pipe Coating: Black vanish, bare, clear oil

Related Names
Tubing | Tubing tube