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Casing Steel Pipe

The casing steel pipe refers to longitudinally-welded tube which is made of hot rolled steel strip and welded at room temperatures. Due to our adoption of high frequency induction welding technology and on-site welding seam heat treatment, the welded joint offers high strength and superior mechanical properties. This also assures the pressure-bearing capacity and compression strength of the casing tube.

Our casing steel pipes come with nominal outside diameter ranging from 114.3mm to 406.4mm, wall thickness from 5.21mm to 16.66mm. Complying with API5CT, API5B, and ISO11960 standards, they are mainly used in pressure-bearing conditions for petroleum and natural gas transfering, and are also widely utilized in low and medium pressure conditions to transfer water, coal gas, heating steam, etc. Additionally, they have found applications in piling, and steel structure construction areas.

1. Uncoiling → 2. Leveling 3→ . End Cutting 4.→ End Shearing And Welding 5→ . Super Coil Accumulator 6. → Edge Trimming → 7. Strip Edge And Body Ultrasonic Testing → 8. post annealing (normalizing) → 9. Electric Resistance Welding → 10. H.F. Welding → 11. Ultrasonic Testing for Welding Seam → 12. Electric Induction Welding → 13. Air Cooling /Water Cooling → 14. Sizing → 15. Forming → 16. Flying Shearing → 17. Water Cleaning → 18. Cutting Off → 19. Flattening Testing → 20. Straightening → 21. End Facing and Chamfering → 22. Hydrostatic Test → 23. Ultrasonic Testing for Welding Seam → 24. Ultrasonic Testing for Pipe End → 25. Visual and Dimension Inspection → 26. Weighing and Length Measuring → 27. Marking → 28. Coating → 29. Bundling → 30. Shipping

Welding Connection
1. Before welding, create bevels at the tube end with bevel angle between 30° and 35°. Also, place the two tubes at a straight line, and keep the gap between the adjacent ends between 0.8mm and 2.4mm.
2. The welding seam width should be 3mm wider than the bevel edge. After cosmetic welding, make certain the weld bead profiles are uniform, and keep the bead height 0-1.6mm above the outer wall surface.
3. All welding processes should be complied with APIStd1104-1999 standards.

Threaded Connection

1. This connection method is applicable for casing steel pipes with screw threads at the both ends. Each pipe should come with a threaded coupler at one end, and a thread protector at the other end.
2. Before coupling, coat all screw threads with thread compound. Thread compounds complying with SY5199 standard are all possible, except that specified in the order contract.
3. The sealing surface should be precision precossed to assure secure sealing after the two tube are connected. Meanwhile, the sealing surface should be clean and smooth, so as to avoid defects caused by abrasion with impurities.
4. The connection should be performed according to the API Spec 5B-1996 Specification for Threading, Gauging, And Thread Inspection of Casing, Tubing, And Line Pipe Threads.

Flare Connection

This connection method is applicable for casing steel tubes with a beel-shaped end. It should be conducted in conformation with SY/T6715-2008 standard.

Packaging, Transportation, and Storage
1. The casing steel pipe is bundled using galvanized straps, with two straps in the middle section, and three straps at each end respectively. The strapping method can also be customizable. Meanwhile, the pipe ends can be packed by woven bags. Full pipe packaging is also available, upon request. Nylon slings are available at the both ends to support equipment lifting.
2. During product transportation, please avoid severe impact with other other hard objects to avoid deformation or surface scratching. Also, keep the product away from water and damp to avoid rusting. If the product is transported using open-top truck in bad weather conditions, we recommend covering the product using waterproof cloth to prevent rainwater or snow.
3. The product should be stored in ventilating and dry places without reachable corrosive substances, and other impurities. When the casing steel pipe is stored in open air, it should be covered properly to avoid rain and snow. Also, never place the product on ground directly. Supporting pads or a higher supporting body is necessary to prevent the tube dipping into water.

Technical Specifications
Size Range: 4 1/2 inch~16 inch (114.3~406.4mm)
Wall Thickness: 5.21~16.66 mm
Standard: API 5CT, API 5B, ISO 11960
Steel Grade: H40, J55, K55, N80, L80 C90, C95, T95, P110, HC110, M65
End Finish: Plain end, short round thread and coupling, long round thread coupling, buttress thread and coupling
Pipe Coating: Black vanish, bare, clear oil

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